You were about to sit down at a table at the cafe I work at. Someone had just eaten a croissant (kwa-saun) at that same table, and left crumbs all over the table. I quickly grab a rag and run over. Now is my time to shine.. This is the moment I've been waiting so patiently for..

I start wiping the table and look up at you and say, "Well, this is CRUMBY", awaiting deserved laughter and applause. You look up just long enough to lock eyes with me and do that fake half-smile that people on the street do when someone makes them uncomfortable. You go on about your stupid business.

I leave, crushed. I start running. I don't stop. I make it to the Idaho border still ugly sobbing and flailing while I run. I realize I work tomorrow. I greyhound back. I find you, we make love. You tell me my joke made your heart stop and that you'll never stop loving me for it. I leave you. You write, I burn the letters. Fuck you.