I get it that the design of Trimet bus or Max has to be that way for some reason or what have you because of structure, wheel well, etc.
But, Christ, Jesus, God almighty, how uncomfortable it is.
On bus, theres the side facing front seats where you either stare at each other and play ping pong with your eyeballs, or like the 90% who look at the back of the bus for pointless reasons. Then at the back of the bus, you have side facing seats because of the wheel well, where you stare the people sitting 75 degrees in the last 5 seat row.
Or the Max, where theres front to front seating about 2 feet or less, legs apart. Or the priority seating which faces the opposite direction of many seats. Then the 2 long rows of side facing seats, and again, see above on the bus.
I'm just gonna ride naked to give people a reason to creepily stare.