To be behind 2 girls taking selfie, after selfie, after selfie, after selfie, after selfie, pose after pose, pose after pose, different phone, after different phone, on and on, for 20 min, and I cant get away is excruciating pain and torture. Not only are they doing all I just described but they're enjoying it like it's the greatest thing on earth. 20 fucking minutes. Then they run it through some app to alter the image because it's cute and hilarious. What joy, girls. Then start dancing. Can you believe they spent 20 minutes of their already superficial lives doing the most idiotic activity next to a politician who twitters? Then they talk about it like it's the most profound thing. Since when did humans become so dumb? Since when has America become so trivial? Well, we gotta go back to the Real World and the start of reality TV. Okay, even if life was terrible and I had a terminal disease, I wouldn't have a desire to be such a waste of a brain. I cant even think of the word to describe this kind of person and behavior. I like being silly too but I guess my time and thoughts are a little more precious than what these girls like to do for fun. And sorry girls, no matter how much you adjust your pose, or the hundreds of pics you take from an higher angel, it still shows your double chin. Make duck lips now.