Ever been involved in impolite stories? It is around people you don't really know so are either afraid, or not sure it's okay to disagree so it is cumbersome leaving you feeling uncomfortable but you laugh and smile to fit in?
"There was a typical Portland hippie with dreadlocks on the airplane." A comment, "smelling of patchouli." These are my friends. Hippie gets a bad wrap, but I'm a free spirit. But bad scent of unwashed bodies?
"If you fail to appear in court, you can get a warrant." A negative vibe. I've had a warrant for ridiculous misdemeanor, but nonetheless, a warrant.
"This kid was underage, drinking, driving, but he was under the legal limit." A negative vibe all around. Don't condone drinking and driving, but everyone has underage drank before. I've had a DUI before.
"There was this huge woman next to me on the plane. Don't know how she got on the plane." Haha. "They should have made her buy 2 seats." Some plane rides can be long and uncomfortable. Comfort, and peace is important stuck going nowhere for 5 or more hours. I've had two people, one just an old grump, the other a big dude, push and jerk my seat back upright when I went to recline. The big dude got a scolding from his girlfriend. I hope she's still not with him. I got a free bottle of wine from the airline from the grumpy old man.
I like to keep the peace in a work environment. Toxicity and hostility goes nowhere quick with negative emotions or judgments of coworkers.
It is better to not say anything. But, people are unbelievably really narrow minded. Sometimes I think some people are testing other people to see what their viewpoint is.