I wish those right-wing idiots in Virginia would just come out and say what they're protesting. For the love of all that is holy, I wish they would create signs and chant phrases like:

"We want NO background checks!"

"How DARE you say we can't buy more than one gun a month! If we want to buy 30 guns in the 30 days, the Constitution says we can!"

"How DARE you say someone who is a threat to themselves or someone else can't buy 30 guns in 30 days!"

They are the living manifestations of talking points created by the gun lobby and right-wing media. They mindlessly regurgitate what their corporate masters have ordered. They have such weak minds and have been influenced by FOX "News" and the NRA for decades now.

Plus, I am certain most are incels and have teeny-tiny ones. I mean, so-called "real" men going to an all-male gathering to show off their "guns" is very questionable. But hey, these dudes have an almost sexual obsession with Trump that it's unsurprising that they get all hot and bothered being around thousands of other men to dress up and play soldier.

The sad thing is, they are a real threat. Like I've always said, stupid with a gun is a dangerous thing.