His mother doesn't hate him



I know a teenage girl who claims she is a boy. I have known her her entire life and been friends with her mother for the child's entire life. This girl is not trans, not a boy, not even remotely. She hates being female. When she got her period she decided being a boy was "easier" (her words) with absolutely no clue that life for trans people is worse than even being female in this society.

Not every child stating they are trans is actually trans and vilifying parents who know their children better than anyone else when they do not accept their children as trans is a problem. I fully support accepting people for who they are and allowing them to be who they are. I also believe that there are a lot of children out there claiming to be trans that are simply NOT trans. Look at the numbers alone, it is statistically impossible. Why are so many girls claiming to be trans? Astronomical rates compared to boys claiming to be trans! I believe in science and I believe in biology and I also believe in critical thinking, child psychology (including adolescent rebellion, body dysmorphia, cultural phenomena and peer pressure, mental illness, and more).

Ignoring all of the reality of former trans people (who acknowledge they were never trans), the reality of families torn apart by children being unilaterally supported by the medical community as trans and permanent physical damage done to their bodies before they have fully matured, and the reality of the medical (physical and psychological) communities reassessing how to navigate children coming out as trans is exactly what is seems - denial of reality and refusal to accept that things are not always what they seem.

This kid says his mother doesn't hate him. His mother simply might not support his trans identity while still loving her child. Big difference.

Supporting serious psychological issues as reality will not prevent kids from killing themselves.


Hi Christina transitioning isn't a get out of depression free card.

I'll start with the statistic of more FTM than MTF. Although there has been an increase (comparatively) in FTM transitioning roughly 2.2 MTF for every 1 FTM are the stats. The sad fact is that FTM are more successful because they more easily pass in society. Transitioning is long and painful and when we look in a mirror we see our failures more than our success. I'm MTF and my bf is FTM. We have similar stories. On bad days I see my facial hair, he doesn't see it. On his bad days he sees his chest scars - I don't. What we do see is the permanent shape of our bodies defined by puberty in the wrong gender. He has the hips I wish I had.

As for Universal support from the medical community - google "gatekeeping" and you quickly learn that's bullshit.

You completely miss the point about the Mother though. Too many trans youth are homeless because their parents can't deal with the "shame." Having a mom who loves you should be the story of every single child - period - full stop. Posting that "mom doesn't hate me" as a silver lining is a real silver lining for far too many trans children.

Children who are diagnosed despite the gatekeeping receive hormone blockers only - this keeps the body androgynous until older. Then if they decide not to transition they stop blockers and puberty takes over. If they decide to transition they then begin hormone replacement therapy.

Trans kids commit or attempt suicide at an alarming rate. More than half of MTF and 29.9% of FTM. Our bodies are wrong. We don't belong with our peer group at all. We know we'll never fit it. The psychological issues you decry as somehow not reality is pretty damned presumptuous of you. Family rejection, bullying, harassment, feeling unsafe - all add to the suicide risks.


@2 You and I are just going to simply have agree to disagree. We can each have our own opinion, but we cannot have is our own facts. Additionally, I very clearly state that psychological issues ARE the problem and ignoring them is causing a great deal of harm. Family rejection, bullying, harassment, feeling unsafe, being murdered and/or committing suicide are not things that happen solely to trans teenagers.


The attacks against trans youth are real and I don't agree to disagree. That's done regarding opinion. Transphobia is not an opinion it's hate.



@4 Nowhere do I say that attacks against trans youth are not real. Nor do I say transphobia is not real.