When I read the comments regarding the post I wrote, I was not surprised to see the typical left-winger getting their feelings hurt. To clarify: I am not white and I am not a bigot, as you assumed. Funny, I thought making assumptions was a big no-no in the left-wing party?

Oh, I could say that I made the inference and you made the implication yourself, and try to put it back on you, but I won't. What I will say is: Look at the evidence.

When you have men (mainly white men) who are infatuated with the Pig in The White House, when you have men who photoshop posters of Trump's fat face on the sweaty, pulsating, shirtless body of Rambo, and when you have men who fly Trump flags, who plaster their big ol' trucks with countless Trump stickers, and when you have men who literally say Trump was sent by God, calling out the fact that they like to be around one another to play dress up and show off their guns is perfectly acceptable.

They are the ones who claim to be "real" men, so I like to use their own claims of "manhood" against them by pointing out the FACTS.

But, like stated above, I was not surprised to see that someone from the left got their feelings hurt, which is all too common and one of the big problems with the left: In-fighting, testing for moral purity and having a holier-than-thou attitude.

Say all you want about right-wingers, but they are organized. How else would you get over 22,000 gun-toting "men" to gather in one place with guns locked and loaded?

Meanwhile, the left argues over semantics and hurt feelings...