I worked with you just this one time. You had a vibe of arrogance, pessimism, toxicity, and sarcastic remarks. I just plainly like being cordial at work otherwise I'm miserable. Then you started putting down people we both worked with mutually, in a negative not so funny way. One comment was, "that guys a know it all." You would even put down the people we sorta work for right when in the same vicinity, and that's a drag as it is because they're right there. It's a bigger drag that I like the people you were putting down. And what drives me crazy is this whispering snide remarks right behind my ear as were watching our team leaders perform tasks. "See what I told you, girls are better at this." "Is this guy high or something." Then arrogantly laughing and with this attitude of I've gotta watch this because it wont work and it's stupid. The irony, who's the know it all. And please get the fuck away and dont whisper your bullshit in my ear to get in my head. You wont. I remember an ex of mine mouthing and motioning as I was talking to Dominos to order pizza against everything I was ordering. Well, why dont you talk to the guy yourself.