To the lady who hired my apprentice and myself, to style (hair and makeup) a few girls aged 7-9, you’re sick. You are a woman, and a jewelry designer here in town. I am disgusted that after styling an 8 year old girl and getting her makeup camera ready (nothing noticeable, just enough so she didn’t look sallow and washed out from the lights) that you asked me to “make her look sexier.” You’re disgusting. This isn’t 1976, and this child wasn’t Brooke Shields. When I told her mother what happened, she was furious.I am glad my agency refunded your money and blacklisted you as well as sent out a memo to other people warning them, that there is someone out there who sees no problem sexualizing a child in order to sell her crunchy and ugly jewelry. Did you work for Epstein or something? I am glad there are people in my industry who are not afraid to speak out over exploitation. You have no business being around children.