I'm guessing you just got him and don't know much about dogs. Why else would you have a 100-plus-pound, unfixed and violent pit bull off leash in the middle of the Pearl?

In a way, I'm glad it was my dog he attacked. I know what I'm doing around dogs and was ready to separate them, in case things went bad— which they did. There's no way you could have. You too busy cooing at diesel from 6 feet away. Pretty hard to grab a collar, even with a running start, huh?

I thought the worst when I saw my dog's blood in his mouth. Fortunately, I was able to treat him at home.

I'm not sorry I lost my shit on you in front of all those people. Hopefully you got the message that your dog is dangerous and you'll be liable if he hurts or kills another animal. By the way you talked to him you seem like a good person trying to do right by your animal. Don't let diesel ruin that for you.

Some dogs are great with people, but horrible around other dogs and that's ok. It's up to you to know their limits.