Hey shorts wearing dog walker guy with the unfriendly black dogs: It’s obvious you haven’t figured out how to handle your Doodle and Yorkie, so here are the Do’s and Dont’s about walking your unsocial and unfriendly dogs. DO consider getting a harness and or muzzle for your unfriendly dogs. DO consider taking the time to train and socialize your dogs so they can enjoy other people and dogs. Dogs will be dogs and if these solutions don’t work for you DO walk your angry self and unfriendly dogs across the street and proceed. Hopefully, one day you’ll have this figured out, then you’ll be just like every other person in the history of dog walking. In the meantime, when you see me coming your way on the same side opposite direction: DON’T yell at me that your dogs are unfriendly. DON’T expect me to cross to the other side, friendly people and dogs have the right of way. When we inevitably meet up DON’T be physically intimidating and DON’T yell that I’m a ‘fucking retard!’ It’s 2020. You’re supposed to use people first language instead of harmful labels and stereotypes. You are a person who’s terrible at dog walking and an angry asshole. It’s easy!