You're old. I try to keep that in mind, and that's okay, but your age isnt really the issue. You have been the same person for the maybe 8 years I've known you. But old people, why does it seem like to me so much is done for attention, or to act the part? Old people like to act "special" and dumb to get privileges almost. I know some old people who cant wait for Medicare and senior citizenship to kick in.
But you, you dont wanna talk to anyone unless its who you wanna talk to. You wont talk about anything unless its what you wanna talk about. Unless the subject matter is what you wanna talk about, everything else gets an "I dont care." And its really talking to deaf ears, while you really are going deaf. But point is, you don't wanna listen to anything or anyone unless it interests you. My friend. It's a drag. It's such a drag to try to have a conversation with you. So if I ever walk away from you, if I say I don't care, interrupt you, or switch subjects abruptly, it's on purpose. I'm so tired of listening to you when all I ever get is disrespect.
I cant wait to get old.