Sometimes I want to find my way into one of my mom's vegan cooking classes. I want to wait for the question and answer section and ask her about the Thanksgiving dinner with the family during my sophomore or junior year. She walked up behind me and grabbed my ass while I was doing the dishes. I stopped washing dishes and left the room because I was so upset. I could hear her laughing about it. No one else seemed to have a problem with it.

I know she can't really hear my words or she doesn't value them or maybe there's just something I don't understand that makes her actions okay. Maybe if I asked her in front of a crowd of strangers, she might respect them enough to give a real answer.

Why did you do that?
Why did you think it was funny?
Why do I feel like I'm not allowed to say anything about it?
Did you think I thought it was funny?
Did you notice that I try not to stand close enough for you to ever do it again?

If I asked you to never do it again, would you still do it? Would you try to explain that its harmless? Just a joke? How you show me you love me?

That's okay. You don't need to talk to me about it, or anything else for that matter. Maybe you can explain it to them.