Yet again, I am banned from Facebook for calling out bigotry. This time, I stumbled upon a thread on a friend’s page and encountered a father/son dipshit-duo delighting in the fact the Trump Administration are still locking children in cages. The scum in question referred to the defenseless kids as “alien invaders,” and those of us who decried their heartlessness as “lying libs,” before resorting to a memes—the medium of morons. I used Facebook’s nifty tagging feature in my response, and told them both, “Your pointless pictures and incessant drivel are utterly meaningless. Crawl back in your Anti-American hole, you freedom-hating cowards.” I felt fine in my response, as a love for boot-licking authoritarianism and anti-immigrant attitudes are the antithesis of what it means to be an American. And like the gutless conservatives they are, the pair of putzes reported my response, and I am now banned from Zuckerberg’s virtual toilet. Erstwhile, Facebook allows blazing racism and blatantly fabricated film from the highest office in the land to filter down through the mouth-breathing meme-lords who support the GOP. It truly is a total piece of shit platform, and as of now, they have one less person’s data to mine and sell. Props to Wm. Steven Humphrey for continuing to call out FB. If I ever meet Zuckerberg, rest assured I’m gonna twist that fucking bowl-cut right off his lickspittle-scalp. Social media could’ve been a force for good. Instead, it’s everything wrong with our world, thanks to the greed of one spurned nerd.