Watching the calendar, are you, Democrats? Can’t wait until January 20, 2021 when Trump is out. Or, January 20, 2025 if he’s reelected.
Consider this nightmare: Come the election cycle of 2024, Donald decides he wants on the ticket as Vice-President, alongside whichever brow-beaten toady runs as President on the GOP side. Trump absolutely positively controls the Republican Party-it will do as he says, just like today.
That ticket wins. So you have President Toady and Vice-President Trump, who you know will dominate all things in government like he does now. And then, soon after the inaugural, the so-called president resigns, perhaps due to “ill health” and guess who becomes president-Vice-President , now, President Trump. Again.
Trump’s term doesn’t end in 2021 or even 2025. It goes well into 2027. And by 2028-assuming there are still elections-Don Jr. and Eric and Ivanka will be ready to run.
Think that can’t happen? Consider the number of Supreme Court judges he will appoint and get approved. Think of the corrupted elections and voter suppression and gerrymandering possible in the next few years. Who has challenged him about anything and won?
Don’t like the acronym MAGA? Try this one instead: New American Zenith Initiative.