Guess what bike commuters? For many stretches of your commute, there's a good chance there's one or more other bike commuters right behind you, going just about the same speed and just trying to get to or from work safely and without sampling your mucus. Check your 6 before you spit or otherwise launch your bodily fluids into the 10 or 20 knots of airspeed you're generating. Think about the physics a little and take some pity on the people behind you. I've been commuting for 5 years and I've gotten sprayed with phlegm and saliva more than once, along with half a dozen near misses or times when I didn't necessarily feel anything but probably inhaled a few droplets of whatever pathogen you might be hosting. The dumbass who french-hankied twice on the Hawthorne Bridge the other day nearly put me over the top. It's called situational awareness pal. Look it up and think about developing some.