Not only is it cries for help, attention, loneliness, boredom, etc., but mostly attention, it's complete narcissist behavior. A friend told me, and I couldn't believe the superficiality of this remark, "if I don't like their post, they won't like my post." "If I don't wish them well, or Happy Birthday, they won't do the same."
You can post your pictures of vacations, food, family, drinks, who you're with, where you're at, and on and on, and immediately get responses, and do it in the middle of the experience whether it be the vacation or concert, etc., and feel proud, and like life is beautiful and great. Just another way of boasting how your life is a blast and awesome. If I was into Porn, I wonder how much going live recorded on a cell phone is happening in having sex?
The thing where I'm so over it is, posts of drug, marijuana, shrooms use, and how funny it is, or how open,cool, and rebellious you're being.
Then the other last thing is when someone says, "I have depression. I have ADHA. I'm bipolar." Sorry as true as it could be, the more someone talks of their condition, the more fake it seems. Just another cry for assurance and attention. Every person I knew that committed suicide, never talked about it. And I don't make light of depression and suicide or any other condition for that matter.
My point is, why must it, anything, need to be broadcast for it to have any validity? And why make it all so public?
It's like, "I don't want to sound like I'm complaining." You know it's a complaint coming.
"No offence, but." Thanks for offending me or something.
No wonder we have leaders like we do.