Dear Boomer colleague,
Thank you so much for the enlightening lecture on work ethic. You're right, we have a job to do and all that matters is that we do it. That style certainly has produced great results. I mean, it got you to where you are today! I never thought about it before, but you are right, working this intense job full time so I can support my family really IS a choice. I don't know why I couldn't see what a slacker my husband has been. He put his career on hold to care for our young children, saving us tens of thousands of dollars and enabling me to develop my career at an amazing organization, but childcare isn't REAL work. He really should be making the money so I can stay home with the kids. Then I wouldn't feel guilty. I also appreciated you correcting my misconceptions about income inequality. I didn't realize that income inequality and poverty in the US hasn't changed at all since the 1980's. All the articles I've read on the subject must be wrong. I am so glad we had this chat. I really didn't see how good I have it until you showed me. When I say my prayers tonight, I'll be sure to thank Jesus for my 70k in student loan debt, our broken dishwasher that we're saving up to replace, and the opportunity to work with older folks like you who really know what's what. I feel so lucky to have such a wise colleague who takes the time to share her vast knowledge with me. I look forward to taking over your office in another 20 years when death finally forces you to retire.