Max drivers kind of have to be dicks to drive that form of transportation. To consciously and knowingly drive away from someone who you cannot argue they don't see, as they run past the main cabin, just drive away.
I've called about this before and the response was at certain stops max drivers need to keep to time.
Well, all bullshit. Max is always late, or a little early, and arbitrary as I have seen max drivers stop for "certain" people.
I couldn't do that job for sure, but these guys and gals gotta kinda have a black heart to drive the max.
I'll also say talking to anyone in person on the phone at the courthouse or in person is a brutal and either painstakingly hilarious or upsetting. These guys and gals must really have miserable lives to contain such inhumane and apathetic souls. Sure, they have to deal with idiots like me or us who break the law, or do something "wrong," but these guys and gals to be so dry and emotionless is a real witness to the mundaneness and misery of life.
How can these people go home and be okay with what they did for the day and feel any sense of reward?