Hello Portland



It's super fun to joke about it, huh? I mean the case in Lake Oswego happened at a SCHOOL, so who knows how many children were exposed and took the virus home to their families and how many of those family members have been going to work and exposing their co-workers or members of the public? I mean it is just so unbelievably hilarious!

Trump called the virus a hoax at his clan rally before someone died in WA state (someone who was at a nursing facility - so who knows how many people - all high risk of death from COVID-19 - were exposed). Trump was then forced to hold a sham press conference where he then spewed a bunch of bullshit and lies about how much this country has done to protect its people, when the truth is it has literally done NOTHING.

China locked down 53 million people in their homes and won't let them leave. Think about that. FIFTY THREE MILLION PEOPLE. China is digging mass graves and filling them to the brim with dead bodies.

This country is doing NOTHING. This country is not prepared in any way at all to deal with this if it were to come anywhere close to what China is experiencing. Trump does not care. He will continue to do nothing and he will continue to not care, even if the death toll rises. He cares about the stock market tanking and being able to remain squatting in the WH. That is ALL he cares about.

Laugh it up, motherfucker.



Like, I get what you think you're doing here, & I totally get that you think it's super-edgy & meta-edgelord, but it's ultimately just smug & ugly. So, whatever.