There's a taco bar in my rapidly gentrifying neighborhood, near the old punk house I live at. I really like going there after work, now that I’m employed and can afford it, occasionally.
It's Friday night, but I'm by myself and the staff knows me. There are several large groups ahead of me, but the Bartender (shoutout to my man Justin) points me towards an open stool at the bar.
I sit down, and the woman to my left turns to say “Oh, I’m saving that seat for my Husband.”
On a Friday night? At a bar/restaurant that seats a total of 30 people? With over a dozen people waiting? Your dickhead husband isn’t going to be here for at least 30 minutes.
You were surprised that they wouldn’t seat you at a table (this place has a total of 3 that seat four people.) Just to be sure, I looked up the etiquette in a situation like this, it’s not polite to save a seat in a busy bar.

To be fair, it was not polite either, when I told your husband, “Fuck you, and Fuck your dumbass wife.”

Because obviously no one tells you to your face, stop acting so fucking entitled. I’m not prejudiced about immigrants, but I am prejudiced against colonialists. Go back to the fucking olive garden you suburban shithead. Stop going places and trying to make them as shitty as the place you just left.