Breastfeeding in the coffee shop



Here's a thought: LEAVE.


Cover your face instead next time asshole anonymous, do the whole city a favour


Dude it can't be both. This is your issue...


extend a cup
and plead
for a sippy

'spare milk?'

then tell 'er yur
gonna make Cheese.


&, when they toss your ass out
(right on your poor snout)

They'll say Never come back

oh and, get off the crack,
won't you please?


What exactly would "a little effort to consider others (like me)" look like in the context of a mother feeding her child? It seems to me that there are two people for whom consideration is warranted in this situation, and you are not one of them. The fact that you think you even warrant notice, let alone "consideration" in this scenario is laughable. "BUT WHAT ABOUT MEEEEE????? THERE'S A BOOB OVER THERE THAT ISN'T FOR MEEEEE!!! PUBLIC DISPLAYS OF BOOBS ARE ONLY VALID IF THEY ARE FOR THE PURPOSE OF ENTERTAINING MEN!!!!"