To the I/A who was annoyed at the mother who was breastfeeding her baby. Your complaints are useless. Breastfeeding is protected by law and a mother cannot be asked to stop, leave, or cover up their baby because a piece of shit like you has a problem with it. Whine about it, complain about it, be a dick about it, as it’s a natural and beautiful thing that I am GLAD you have NO control over. I wish I knew who you were so I could have a brigade of nursing mothers follow you, wherever you are in public, to whip out their boobs and feed their children. “Context”, “discretion”, and “consideration” don’t need to bend for you when assholes like you are the reason mothers have protections to be able to feed their infants. It’s not the mother’s fault that you were staring. Mind your own goddamn business you sexist piece of garbage! To all breastfeeding moms, PLEASE continue to feed your babies in public as is your legal right and don’t let anyone like this I/A shame you into doing different because they have “feelings”. Seriously dude, piss off.