To the stupid person who brought her untrained dog into The Rambler patio on Mississippi last night, FUCK YOU! I watched as you barely paid any attention to your dog and I saw it try to bite the server, twice! Then you let it off leash to roam free and trample and piss on the flower beds between attempts at snagging food off our plates. It was such a pain in the ass, I went inside to pay our tab with the aim of away from you. When i went back outside to get my date, I made sure to take the long way around your table, but your wild animal lunged and snapped at me, almost biting my hand. When I exclaimed "WHAT THE FUCK! If your dog has social issues, maybe you shouldn't take it out in public!" You just sat there giving me the blank silent look of someone who had recently gotten a lobotomy. No 'I'm sorry', not shit. I'll bet you carry poo bags in your pocket only to drop them in the gutter when you think nobody's looking too.
It's people like you that give dogs a bad name. If you don't have the time to train one, don't own it, asshat!