Hey, Asshole: Yeah, YOU, the thoughtless, heartless and inconsiderate little bastard that pulled a u-turn across three lanes of traffic and right into my lane where I t-boned the crap out of YOUR car, leaving mine incapacitated and totalled. Then you drive off, despite causing the accident and leaving me with injuries. Thanks for nothing, fuckhead! Not sure if you had a warrant out for your arrest, or were high AF, or uninsured, but leaving the site of an accident that YOU caused through your stupidity is a felony. FYI, I found out your name from the charge card you used at the restaurant you obviously had just picked up an order from. The cops have your info and I ratted you out to my insurance company who will be looking into this matter. I also found your phone number and address. You think you got away with something here, shitbag, but know that I will be watching you, and following you online, and, when you least expect it, I am most certainly going to fuck up your life in ways you cannot yet imagine. Karma will be vested upon you and you will rue the day, you left me bleeding and injured in the middle of the road.