For one, I don't have time for lines period. Anywhere, be it a bank, restuarant, fast food, coffee, lunch break, grocery, etc, etc, etc. If I'm not out of there in a minute, one I won't go in first of all. Two, I spot a line, I'm moving on, no matter how much I was craving that smoothie. But then to be next in line at the bank with only two tellers open, one person is just taking a while, the other dude is going on about his whole life story, what's going on tonight, tomorrow, Haha hehehe, and the teller is totally engaged. Shit she's paid by the hour. But come on you fucks, now theres 5 people behind me, and they don't seem to anxious, and certainly the 2 butt plugs causing the hold up don't care. I know y'all ain't get shit going on in your worthless shitty life, let alone so chill and carefree day, but some of us have stuff to do. So you're a talker, socialite, friendly conversationalist, welp, shut up, and I left anyway, and I'm sure you were still going on and on about the upcoming weather to notice others around you. But I know, that interaction was the highlight of your day. Cool. That's why I'm all online, pre order these days. Fuck you losers so relaxed with nothing but precious time to lose. Then you die, and oops, you didn't have time to say goodbye. Oh, so sorry.