Maybe the Governor's Stay at Home Order will knock some sense into people. I doubt it though.


I would say that lockdown is social control. Fining and jailing people as they've begun to do in other countries is the reaction of the police state. Government actions aren't even based on knowledge of how the virus transmits. They have no proof that the virus survives in public, social spaces and remains a threat. It is a person to person infection mostly. However, it could have a more potent capability to remain on surfaces, given its unknown nature so far. But I am personally very displeased to hear people support lockdown. Disaster capitalism in full swing.


1 - weren't you on here downplaying the severity of Covid-19 a few weeks ago?


@3 Absolutely NOT. You clearly think I am someone else. If Trump had done anything, ANYTHING AT ALL, in December 2019 when he was told we would not be dealing with this shit show now. I cancelled every appointment I had and started staying in my house as of 3/12 and people told me I was overreacting. People don't believe I was overreacting anymore. Both myself and my mom (70, my caregiver) are at risk of dying if we get COVID-19. I am beyond enraged at the federal government's refusal to do a goddamn thing about this until it affected the stock market. States have had to scramble and are still scrambling because Trump refuses to be a true leader and have the federal government step in and do what needs to be done.