The Rabbit and the Turtle



You don't like how fast/slow people are moving? Maybe you need to stay home and quarantine yourself. You seem to be the issue in your story. On Friday I was almost in 2 different accidents because people weren't even paying attention and pulling into traffic without looking. This is why people are going slower you fool. Stay at home and mind your own business.


You will never find better traffic conditions than what you are experiencing right now. If traffic is your biggest problem at this moment, then you should move to the smallest town you can find in Wyoming, because you will never be satisfied.

Jesus Christ, I can’t even find a good radio station before I arrive home, mere minutes after I left work (I’m in an essential job, so chill out). I’m shocked I haven’t caught my partner cheating on me due to my suddenly speedy trips to the crib.

The worst thing about your complaint, though, is how goddamn boring and insipid it is. Pull it together and gripe about something that matters.


Now I'm just waiting for someone to tell Babsie to move back to California lol


Are you the same gal we see
riding others' asses, weaving in
and out, using the Safety Zone as
your very own Race Course in your
mad Dash to points B, C, D, and E??
Do you wear a Fireproof suit? No?

Neither do WE.

Take a Breath
it may just be
your Last.