Simply looking at the unemployment web site indicates they have not yet implemented the changes in the federal legislation (the CARES ACT) - there is a big yellow box with this information on the top of the page and that contacting them via phone is not the best way to communicate.

"We encourage everyone who can to file online"


Due to the amount of people applying there are going to be massive amounts of problems. The problem is that the federal government chose to use the unemployment system to manage the unprecedented loss of labor due to COVID-19, when they could have much more easily sent people the $600/week for 4 months they are forcing people to get through unemployment (on top of whatever unemployment one is qualified to receive).

The problem is not the state, nice try though. And plenty of people in Oregon get their health care through the state (Medicaid) or federal (Medicare and the ACA) governments.
Dealing with private insurance companies is in no way easier, less bureaucratic, or more humane (especially since the private insurance companies are hell bent on making a profit and not paying out a dime, whereas the government has to).


Thanks Christina

This rant was more or less intended for those that are experiencing unemployment as a direct result of Covid-19 and the state's response rather than for those that live off the government. Yes, the private sector can in no way compete with the efficiency and transparency that government provides throughout the many institutions in which they operate. Government and its bureaucratic functions are never filled with lackluster employees that exhibit complacency. That is an example of sarcasm Christina.
Also, during this time, I thought about donating to the Mercury, however I thought, what would be the point? Anyone that has something to say in this section and that does not share your points of view or experiences are in fact bullied or written to with blatant vitriol and zero tact.


As to the OP's last sentence I will say this. As a Medicare recipient I can vouch that my care has been complete and efficient and virtually seamless whether it be a check-up or a broken limb. I've never had to wait more than a week for an appointment unless it was a specialist. Medicare for all could be done with the stroke of a pen and would require virtually zero upgrade to the system as it's working. The only difference would be your taxes would go up $200-300 a month and your private insurance would go down 800 to $1,200 a month. It's a total myth that Medicare is substandard.


@2 Unemployment and SSDI = exactly the same thing. You pay taxes with every paycheck toward both. Your employer pays taxes with every paycheck toward both. When you need it, because you worked and paid taxes into the system, you get the help from the government that you need. The extra $600/week for four months (on top of whatever unemployment one would otherwise qualify for) that will be paid to people unemployed by COVID-19 is also taxpayer money. You can't bitch about not being able to collect your unemployment and bash me for being disabled and collecting SSDI as they are one and the same.


Aurelius is quite right. My Medicare coverage is seamless and painless. My social security hits my bank account on time and in full without fail. My wife struggles with her private medical insurance every time a claim is submitted. Whether conservatives like it or not there are any number of contexts in which the public sector vastly outperforms the private sector . It seems that the profit motive just isn't compatible with the provision of certain services. While this country is unable to provide basic medical equipment like masks and ventilators countries with more robust public sectors seem to manage quite well.


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OK ya'll, not talking about Medicare, I'm talking full systemic operation of health care, similar to that of Veteran's Affairs and/ or National Health Service in Great Britain. Where denials due to poor cost-effectiveness of certain treatments, waiting list inefficiency, and gross mismanagement are common characteristics. I'm glad to see Medicare working out for some of you. @7, dessert is ready.


@8: if medicare can function effectively, why can't other government run health programs? surely the people who run medicare aren't any smarter or more committed than the ones who run the va and medicaid. the answer i'm afraid, is money. if medicare doesn't deliver, many elected officials will pay the price at election time so the money flows. why people who suffer the brunt of poor medical care at the hands of private insurers, the va and medicare don't vote is a mystery i will never understand.