Ode To A Drunken Asshole



where could this person have been coming from/going to? all the bars are closed.


@1 You do realize that just because bars are closed, the liquor stores have remained open, people can buy beer at markets and other places, and that doesn’t mean everyone is going to bed at 9pm much less not visiting friends and knocking back a few or several, right? People are still obviously making stupid choices no matter what, and quarantine directives didn’t stop the Darwin awards. What else are alcoholics going to do at a time like this?


@1 I did grand jury once (two months) and 99% of the cases were felony DUIs and people drive drunk all of the time, literally every second of the day, bars or no bars, and it is truly terrifying. The number of people driving blackout drunk in the morning was a real eye opener for me. It's really not unreasonable to act like everyone on the road is driving drunk.