All of y’all



Portland thanks you.


If Portland chewed you up and spat you out, there isn't a city on the planet you'd survive in.


Haha Doug Fer is so right


... although real estate values on a normal house did increase by over 1000% in the last decade+ ... And that's no exaggeration. I often kick myself for spending my prime earning years in another state ... I made more money, but the cost of living was ridiculous (kinda like it is in New Portland now)! Ah, young and dumb with eyes on the horizon ... You'll be alright, OP. Keep your head up!
(and tell all your friends not to move here haha jk .. sorta)


The phrase is "all y'all," preposition omitted by most users.


Wow, @5, that means my house valued at $100,000 in 2010 has increased in value by more than a million bucks? I'm not sure precentages work the way you think they do.


It's unfortunate to lose somebody of your caliber.