Yeah having moved here from the east coast it has been shocking to us to see how few people have their lights on when it is raining, especially raining really hard. Also, at dusk no matter what the weather, when it is more difficult to see other vehicles.


Headlights? Lotta folks don't seem to Want to be seen and'd rather just be part of the background which might be Embarrassing when they get hit by a semi, or a bus. If you refuse to use your headlights, make sure you wearing clean underwear.

Also, when leaving roundabouts, some refuse to indicate to other drivers their Intent to do so. 'It's None of their damn business!' the Rugged Individualists seem to be saying, making said roundabouts way way less Efficient.

Also, if you're gonna push people from behind (to see if they'll maybe go a little Faster -- you're LATE, fucker!) have one of those big rubber dealies installed to your car's nose, so's you won't ever scuff your precious Precious.

If I think of any more
I'll let you know.


Lol at these comments
Just wondering if anyone else knows about the hand signal for "turn on your lights" (modified jazz hands)? I feel like a lot of people used to know what that meant ... maybe it's regional? Or maybe they read my lips? haha
Anyway, I've read that police are more likely to stop drivers who don't have their lights on (apparently, the assumption is that they're often intoxicated and forgot to turn on their lights)!


WTF - nobody signals out of roundabouts. Totally agree those drivers are super lazy, clueless or both.