Especially the way you use it.
I started a new temp job that I feel inspired about life again now. The team is nice and friendly and supportive and helpful. But you district manager? How have you not been reported, consulted, or fired yet? Your bullying is astonishing. That rage in your eyes is scary. A statement like, "if you're not the one supplying my paycheck, I dont give a fuck who you are." Or this snide comments about drivers or other employees, essentially our team behind their back seconds after a you encounter them. Then that one big lash out at all of us for putting orders in the wrong take out bin when the team says it's the system that reassigns a different take out bin unknowingly. The fact you angrily shout and blame us for it without any evidence is scary. Your anger is scary. Your rage is scary. But then you commend us on the best night ever in months. Were all new because you had real shitty employees previously stealing to which you said that's immediate termination. No doubt. Who really does need to be so desparate to steal some candy bars or sodas? But who's hiring these dumbasses in the first place. You keep saying written up this and that for everything with your threats. Another comment like "I do not tolerate" whatever with your shouting and anger. Man, get some please. Or someone realize you're such an ass and get you fired. You're s terrible leader and manager. You know nothing about commendation or building morale. I promise you instilling fear in us will not make us work harder. Youre just scary. Sorry about your miserable life and childhood.