And then there's the "pro" Lifers
only "pro" from conception to birth
REFUSING to Fund Sex Education
Free Condoms pregnancy help
post-partum Help
Infant Care
Day Care
Child Care

that contribute Mightily to the Citizenry's Woes but the Billionaires who just want it ALL for theirselfs refuse to Share the Wealth 'cause THEYEARNEDIT and You did NOT. So fuck the Fuck Off, Freeloaders!

Plus, if you Own a Prison you have workers who'll work for their room and board PLUS 12ยข an Hour! -- Generous, by ANY standard! So, why fuck with a Good Thing?

Damn winers.


So true. Us and our spiritual members have been adopting children for years. That way they can be raised by a traditional set of parents, in a Christian and politically Conservative home where they will grow and learn to be productive membrrs of the community. Otherwise, who knows how they would turn out?