The Jobs



Making art is a job, bro


... and promise not to sneeze upon it, eh Bro?


That's about the response I expect from a bunch of Portlanders...The poster is right, there's tons of work out there. So if youre complaining about not having income but wont take that job stocking shelves bc its beneath you, ya you can starve. The sense of entitlement in this country is out of control, it serves double for Portland. Guess hat, life has changed, you have to adapt or die. Stop waiting for the gov hand out to save your lazy butts. Maybe its time to learn a real skill...we need people that are willing to work hard at the jobs that are needed, now. Not the one that makes you feel good about yourself. You can complain all you want, but the rest of us wont be listening, we'll be too busy getting paid and feeding ourselves.

Time to grow up Portland!

Cant wait til this calms down enough to leave this awful city and its lazy, entitled populace.

  1. You can still leave. Or what, you can't afford to because you don't have enough jobs? The borders aren't closed (yet). So go. And don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out

Jobs are all over the place right now. There's ads on the radio and TV for them, there's so many industries needing people right now.

Portland is one of the easiest cities to go out and hustle for a buck, even during the pandemic. Yes, music and art are jobs. But if they're not paying right now, they're not actually jobs, they're hobbies.

Grow up kids, get a job. Or better yet, move your sorry asses back to Mom's place in Minnesota, California, New Jersey... wherever it is you're from.


Traveling is a bad idea right now. For others safety, Ill stay here until traveling is safer for everyone. Your hospitality is right on par with what Ive seen here. Ive had a job through all of this, didnt miss a beat, actually making more now. Also, doors hit you ON the ass, not IN in the ass.


Marking art (including being a musician) is a job. (Pay varies widely, of course, but these are still jobs and they contribute significantly to the economy).

The 4.9 million people in America's creative industries earned $372 billion in total compensation for 2015 (so more in recent years, this was the last noted statistic).

Arts Industries Add $764 Billion Per Year to the US Economy

The arts add twice as much to the US economy than the agriculture industry.

(in fact those three states you mentioned all have higher arts and cultural value added than Oregon)

Oregon specific information: Study shows Oregon’s arts and culture industry generates $687 million in economic impact

Bashing artists and musicians and the creative industries as a whole reeks of jealously, because these things require TALENT, something just having a J-O-B does not.