You act like your shit don’t stink, literally



might i be Happy
if i happened to
pop it open just
for a peek or a
whiff and there
you were, bag
in hand?

I just might


Compost does not smell bad if it is properly aerated. It's the anaerobic bacteria that cause the foul odor.


Wow, entitled little millennials get their mom jeans all discombobulated on this issue. Why do you not understand this? Guess one has to explains this to them, kind of like the manual transmission or why the world isn't your own personal echo chamber. Dog Shit is nasty. Just like you wouldn't shit in a bag, throw it into a bag, and walk into my yard to throw that away, you really shouldn't with your dog's waste as well. How can you not understand how disrespectful that is? You have a pet, that means you have responsibilities, one of which is clean up after it in a way that doesn't inconvenience other people.By your logic, you should be able to dig a hole in my backyard, shit in it, cover it back up and say to me "It's not hurting anything, not affecting you at all." It's gross and you know it that why you hold it between two pinched fingers like one of your brother's used condoms he left in the backyard. It's just damn gross otherwise you wouldn't be in a such a hurry to get rid of it somewhere you shouldn't. Hold on to it until you get home. Basic decency


Called: Theft Of Services. Illegal. Against the law. Punishable crime. Courts, law enforcement, fines, criminal records, credit rating, background checking stuff involved. Don't be a thief.


@1- glad to see you're just as fucking stupid here as elsewhere.