Fuck YEAH!!! In my US taxpaying lifetime, I have bailed out Chrysler TWICE. I bailed out Wall Street to the tune of $700 BILLION for Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP) alone; the total price for Bad Banks' bailout is closer to $14 TRILLION. My money. Your money. All of it THEIR money whenever they have fucked up and brought catastrophe to us all. It is shameful to see who has benefited from the feeble efforts to help Pat and Tony Paycheck. How can we make them bail us out for real?


It really is the only way this country will get through this and yet the likelihood of it happening is next to nil. This country has no true plan on how to make it through this pandemic. The federal government is literally hoarding the $500 BILLION meant to help businesses, medical and health professionals, hospitals, and local governments via the CARES ACT. That alone is fucking criminal. It is unconscionable that the so-called representatives of the people bail out corporations, give corporations trillions in tax cuts, and give more money to the military to piss away in the wind (because it sure as shit is not spent on those serving in the military, who live on poverty wages and food stamps) AND REFUSE TO PAY THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY WITH THEIR OWN TAXPAYER FUNDS IN ORDER TO SURVIVE A WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC.

It is even more insidious and repugnant because the shit show we are in right now would not even be happening to the extent it is and the catastrophic loss of every kind not being experienced if Trump and his administration had not been hell bent on destroying everything President Obama put in place and flat out ignoring the pandemic like it would magically disappear.

Before this is over this country is going to be unrecognizable. Entire industries will have ceased to exist and who knows how many people will be dead. We're approaching 100,000 and that's been with everything on lock down. How many will die between now and when there is a vaccine, if they can make a vaccine that will protect the public from the virus (really protect them, not like the flu shot which may or may not protect you, you know, depending on the day)?


"Fucking criminal . . . Insidious . . . repugnant " True!


Here's an idea. Stay with me on this. Focus.

Get a job. Then you won't be unemployed. (Here is where you tell us why you're too entitled to work at Fred Meyer.)


@6 Ah yes another troll, new to the party.

The OP wrote: I am still waiting for unemployment. So yeah, they participated in a job lately.

Entitlement? Like a woman here where I live who owns her own business and waited months to hear from unemployment and just got her first check or the other woman here who owns her own business who hasn't heard anything either NOR received a check.

You mean the entitlement exhibited by the million and billion dollar public corporations that took $ from the stimulus meant for small businesses so they wouldn't go out of business (and almost all of whom, the million and billion dollar public corporations that took the money, have not returned that money, despite the fact that they never should have taken it to begin with).

You mean the entitlement like that exhibited by Munchkin, Trump's minion, who is hoarding the $500 BILLION from the stimulus package and hasn't dispersed a dime of it (why?)?

Or maybe you mean the entitlement shown by Trump who has not done his job from day one and went golfing this weekend while the dead from COVID-19 in this country approaches 100.000? Or how about the entitlement he shows by pretending he does not accept his paycheck (for the job he does not do) while he has cost (and personally pocketed nearly all) taxpayers 335 years worth of presidential salary in his playing golf ALONE.

Fuck your entitlement. People who work pay for unemployment (just as their employers do). This entire country runs on labor performed by people people like you constantly denigrate and vilify as being entitled while giving a pass to the truly entitled who rob your ass (and everyone else's) blind.

So how about fuck YOUR entitlement in telling someone who is scared, has lost their job, is not even getting what is not only owed to, but was promised to them by the state and federal governments, and is concerned about paying their bills to fuck their entitlement. It is your entitlement that is showing and it is ugly and repugnant. How about that?

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