Go back to Cali



Will the "go back" Portland BS ever end? It's never going to get anyone to leave. Passive aggression does not = being nice.

I do know when we moved here we had to rent a car until we could buy one and it (the rental) had California plates.

You really don't know who could be driving or how they are going to react to you, regardless of the plates on the vehicle they're driving.


Next time. It's always next time.


No it will never end. This is the new normal. You might as well get use to it as life as you knew it will never be the same. I’m sorry to be the one who had to tell you this.



@4 nope. gotta get paid. not advocating your aggression either. incidents of road rage in portland (and nationwide) have been pretty violent. i tend to want to tell people to fuck off, but then i remember that people in this state like to shoot people.


I’ve had shitty drivers worldwide and the only two I happened to be victim of, were small town Oregonian rednecks. The plates mean absolutely nothing, and for everyone bitching about people needing to go back to California, I’m sure the Siletz natives of Oregon would say the same to the OP but ask them to move out of the country. This nativism and xenophobia bullshit of Portland is just to stupid..even more hilarious hearing about it from people not even from here. People are people, OP and a shitty driver is a shitty driver no matter where they are or from. So quit being a dick!


"I'M SO CHILL" Anonymous sez, as they further describe violence and frustration.


Go home, hippy. By moving here you're killing all the things you love about here that made you want to move here. By moving here you are now making 'here' the same as the place you wanted to leave. Nobody wants you here, nobody asked you to come here. We'd all be better off without you.


You gotta honk the second you see they are on their phone at a green light. I do it all the time.