What good has social media done for society?



Cat videos. Seriously though, cat videos. I have never used Facebook or Twitter, because that is the domain of the ego-riddled and approval-hungry shadow self, but Instagram is great if you only follow cats. Or dogs. Or basically any account that entirely leaves the human ego out of the equation. It seems you asked the question in a serious way and my answer may seem less than serious but in truth it is not. This is how I use social media, and it works great. For entertainment purposes. Highly recommend.


Everything is about the ego.
If the purpose is to be seen, it is the ego that wants it seen.


My 764 Facebook friends totally disagree with your remarks. Totally adding this remark to my Instagram, right after I give a status update that I'm responding to a Mercury remark.


@ OP

While I agree with the premise of the problem here, social media isn't excactly the origin. A post is just that, a post. Others drive that posts to our screens (ie., google ads, news, etc.). We, as a society, drive social media and now the cat is chewing its tail.

As an academic, science has failed society in a number of ways. Or, one could easy say the converse. Dating back for as far as one can recall, science (to include medicine) has conducted human experiments on underserved communities for the "advancement" of the discipline. Is there any wonder why people no longer trust us? Most days, I have issues trusting health care professionals who are also on the hunt for subscribers.

Where does that leave us? Social media can be all the things that you mentioned, yet, it is also a voice for those who otherwise would not have a say. Would we know about the Flint water crisis if there were no social media posts from involved citizens? I could elaborate here...

I understand, but I also overstand.