I agree that there needs to be societal reform, and that we need to progress as a society. But it is crazy seeing these huge gatherings of protesters not social distancing, not wearing masks, including the rioters. Like they all just forgot we're in the middle of a global pandemic due to a highly contagious disease. Maybe they're the types who think COVID-19 isn't a big deal, or just don't care period. All that chanting, yelling, linking arms...the virus is really going to love all these crowds. I'm terrified of how large the next outbreak will be. This will stretch our paramedics, first responders, nurses, doctors, hospitals, and police officers to extreme levels of stress, as if they weren't already under enough stress. Because of, you know, a terribly infectious and deadly disease. Just because it's summer doesn't mean the threat isn't still out there. America has almost a third of the global COVID-19 deaths in the world. What is going on, America??