Protesting, rioting, and coronavirus



The people protesting are not the ones who are leading the charge for the second wave of COVID-19. Beaches are PACKED, people are flooding into tourist areas not wearing masks, demanding to be allowed into restaurants and hotels, partying and playing and gathering in huge numbers to celebrate their "freedumb."

People are coming to the coast, renting surreys and pedal boats, jamming tiny communities that have next to no medical facilities and pretending now that they don't have to stay home they can do whatever they want!

All of the people shown on the news at pool parties and bars and outdoor areas living it up like there is nothing to worry about are the next huge wave of sick people and vectors.

Protesters are actually wearing masks.

By the time July 4 hits, we're going to be well into hundreds of thousands more sick and who knows how many dead.

Until testing can be done on everyone, repeatedly, there will be no end to the cycle of sickness, shutdowns, and stupidity.


6ft distance please. People get sick and life goes on. We can't shutdown forever. It's killing the 3rd world by the millions! The shutdown is starving millions in the 3rd world!! Domestic violence has skyrocketed! As well as child abuse. We must end this shutdown now! It's doing more harm than good.