Here's what you can see at 3 am at work when you're bored or voyeuristically staring out the window.
A friend wrote a book and a character would wait at a red light at a 4 way intersection at 3 am with nothing alive in site instead of driving through. It's the law but it is weird if you've ever been in that situation. So I watch my neighbor's business's janitor mop the floors and leave out those caution signs for no one. I get a kick out of it every time.
You'll always likely see someone in their car idling with lights on. But this one guy, for over 30 min shuffling through bags, looking under seat, opening car door. He's not UBER. If he's waiting for someone, time to call em up I think. And why you gotta idle your car with your lights on? For 30 min! Please be up to something. I also saw another dude passed out with his engine running and heat likely going. It was winter. I can totally picture that situation. Drunk, turning on car, realizing you're drunk and shouldn't drive, but wanting to get some heat going, and just let me snooze for 20 min. I hope a cop didn't find him. I thought about waking him.
Then 3 or 5 cars in "good" enough shape to speed and honk past a garbage truck after the protest. I know it's not the case but I imagined it as anarchists leaving the protest in nice cars then driving to Hillsboro. I mean who else is leaving downtown now at 3 am. It could be, right.