I don't really think about how dangerous a transaction could be on Craigslist.
So say, I'm selling something of value.
Someone wants to buy it.
We go back and forth, and they will buy it.
My address is given to them ahead of time because I don't drive and the items are too big to move to a neutral location.
They now know where I live.
They could conceivable flake on the meeting for some other agenda?
I guess the thinking is THEY could be the ones who could walk into a house and not know what's waiting on the other side.
Then through email, their full name is revealed so I start trying to find them.
Is this person legitimate?
Is there something to be wary of?
Or do I watch too much Dateline murder mysteries?
But most murders are committed by someone close to the murdered.
So much of this world and relations are based on trusting someone else to be good and do their part.
How can that trust be real when it is so often been let down?