What if handcuffs happened at protests? Would that make it better for you?
Or are saying you agree with police use of force, now?
You just pick and choose when excessive force is appropriate?


1 - If he was not a suspect in a crime, then it's the cops' fault.


You’re still alive to write this though aren’t you?


There was a lawsuit in I think NY because the cops put the cuffs on somebody too tight causing permanent damage in the guy’s arm. I forget what happened. You’ll have to look it up. Yeah, cops can be dicks when you disobey. That’s the reality for better or worse. Simple solution is to obey in the short term and if you want take it up with a higher authority or make a big stink about it later go ahead. (More for the OP. Not intended as a commentary on the Floyd case. Nobody deserves to be killed for a petty offense .)