Not everyone is uncaring



We appreciate your efforts. You may want to try finding a mask that lets a little more air through. That should help.


If you can't breathe with a mask, you really need to find a better mask. I've had several that are useless. These were cheap cloth re-usable ones. The layers of cloth were too much. Switching to the disposable ones fixed that issue.

There are definitely some people who can't wear a mask, but there are many, many more who believe they can't when they really can.


Just googled masks at Costco
(just bought 50 for $27 on Wednesday)
Sorry -- they're currently Sold Out.

Could be there tomorrow
or in a week. Good luck!


Agree that some masks are problematic. Was wearing mine for maybe 35 minutes straight the other day, in line outside at a supermarket and then inside. By the time I got to the register I couldn’t stand it. My body was breathing deeply and rapidly, I think to get more oxygen. Basic cloth mask. Thank goodness I don’t have to wear one all the time. (*I suspect a mask that would give me less problems would also be one that had better air exchange - meaning more risk of receiving or transmitting aerosol particles).