White on Juneteenth



I work for a non-profit and we got a paid day off for it. The COVID-19 outbreak put ALL of us in financial peril: including the black workers of which I am one of. My Caucasian counterparts have marched, distributed food and water (supplies coming out of my pocket and theirs as well) to not only people in need, but allies and marchers who have put themselves in harms way without a thought, to support the movement, their friends and co-workers included. The support and solidarity has been touching, helpful, and from the heart.

Bitching and accusing white people of having a paid day off, for such an important day in Black history, is asinine. Plenty of people of color who are working class too, also got the day off. To expect people who probably just started back to work to give their paid day off monies because you’re an asshole, is pathetic. I have struggled these past few months due to the outbreak: to pay my bills, trying to see a doctor, feed myself and my family. I am glad I had a day where I didn’t have to worry after coming back to work, if I can pay a bill.

It’s cute you say making it an “unpaid holiday” which makes me think OP that you’re white. If it was considered an unpaid holiday, think of ALL the black people who wouldn’t get paid on an important and historical day, because you feel the need to gripe. Yep. An important historical day to celebrate freedom from the chains that bound us as a people, and it wouldn’t be a paid day? Fuck you!


Very few people have that day off as a holiday. Basically city of Portland and some non-profit employees. Not exactly the rich white people you're imagining. Maybe having a job would give you a more realistic view of personal economics during a pandemic. People don't have money to feed their families, let alone give to your causes. Sorry that you won't like this dose of reality, but I know reality is difficult for entitled kids these days, of which the OP here most definitely is by what they wrote.


Welp, I'm a partner in a business that decided to do this as well for our dozen or so employees, as did many much much larger companies in my industry. It's not a panacea, it's arguably only a small gesture, and one that I don't feel deserves a pat on the back as much as a "yeah, no shit, this should have already been a holiday." But it wasn't. And now it is.

And hell, for this to happen across even megacorps and governments so quickly is a really fucking big deal on several counts. Check out the history of MLK Day for a comparison. Check out the fights people are still having to get fucking election day to be a holiday.

We also had the discussion internally of how to deal with the inevitable blowback from keyboard warriors like yourself. And the answer? To quote Minor Threat- "what the fuck have you done?"


And but One Word to
Terrify them All:

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We celebrate the 4th of July because it's the day we declared ourselves "free" from the British, and you have to ask why it's appropriate to celebrate the end of actual human bondage in the US?