I set one piece of cardboard to the side of the cardboard crusher. I don't really know why. I guess because there was some other dude crushing his cardboard.
He just about finished up and as he saw me put the cardboard there said, "is there a reason you're putting that there?"
I mumbled something.
He then said, "wait do you work here?" We have never seen each other. But why is it always some overweight white dude that feels like they can talk to you in a condescending manner. No one else there would said this crap. I could even see other coworkers just putting it in the crusher and never saying a stupid word about it.
So then I said, "I left it to the homeless people." Complete wisecrack because I already know this guy. He said, "better not." I said, "it's a reality man." He said, "not around here." This is in Clackamas. I work in downtown so I know.
It's true, people have this stereotypical thinking towards homeless, towards downtown, and towards these protests. This was only Clackamas, but you get out into Damascus, Estacada, Sandy, Canby, Newberg, McMinneville, and even more rural areas and I will guarantee you, not one of them support the movements happening, or have ever even walked with a protest.
There you have it, Portland is a small population of Oregon, and the rest is on a different page.