2 train on 2 tracks are heading downtown. I see everyone is gathered on one train thinking that must be the one. But I trust no one and nothing. I look at the monitor. Sure enough, the one with everyone on it is the wrong one. There was even some dude with a bike get off the right train to board the wrong one right in front of me. What does that spell? Sheep. I thought about sticking my head in and saying something. Then I thought about the mushrooms I just gave a coworker out of pure generosity and not a single shred of gratitude he displayed. I thought about all his passion/aggressive, moody, and arbitrary orders earlier in the day as he is that fake supervisor that doesnt get paid for it. I thought about the other coworkers who hoard the free food or drinks customers give us for all of our hard work. They'll literally take and hide a bunch for themselves whether or not everyone got some. So fuck these idiots I said. I can't think of the last time a stranger was kind to me. The driver of the Max started warning everyone. I dont think those idiots heard. We left in one minute. "Spread kindness?" Fuck that. The worlds full of selfish assholes.