I became Karen, Kinda, Not really



If you're wearing a mask under your nose, you may as well not be wearing a mask at all. So, yay for you not giving a shit about getting other people sick or even getting sick yourself! Can't fix stupid.


Wrong OP. Hardly "kinda Karen, not really". 100% Karen. Really.


"I'm not the one you need to talk to lady, remind, or tell me how I should wear a mask. I'm compliant and respectful of it all."

Gotta disagree here. From everything you wrote, you 100% are the person who needs to be told how to wear a mask. You can wear a mask without fogging glasses really easily. Pull it over your nose and under your glasses. But I guess that's just not convenient for you, right? Better to do it wrong and cry and complain when someone tells you you're wrong and asks you to do something correctly.


OP, are you thinking that the driver is the Karen? Because it's YOU, OP, YOU'RE THE KAREN!!! The mask -- feeble and imperfect as it is -- does not work at all unless it covers your mouth AND your nose. Do you know why the nurses SWAB INSIDE YOUR NOSE when they administer the COVID test? Do you? DO YOU???? Far from being a vengeful, belligerent nag like yourself, Karen, the bus driver was doing her job properly and well. Unlike you, she was thinking of the well-being of the other passengers; she was trying to help you understand how the masks work so that you could become part of our united defense against COVID-19 instead of remaining a misinformed malcontent. Honestly, dumbshit -- stay home or walk next time.


BIG Karen energy. Keep put a strip of tape over your mask and stfu.