Priest Unmasked at Costco



@1 whatever the assumptions there are two facts here: costco requires a mask and if you are wearing a mask improperly (such as under your nose) that is exactly the same as not wearing a mask at all so the man, whatever his story, should not have been allowed to remain in costco if he was refusing to wear the mask properly.

giving the disabled person a pass for poor behavior is bullshit and i say that as a disabled person who needs a wheelchair or handicapped cart in a grocery store (but can stand up and can walk with a walker). i also understand how to wear a mask. the minute the guy whined about not being able to wear his mask properly he should have been escorted out of the store.

yes even the disabled have to follow the rules put in place to stop the spread of a virus that is spreading like wildfire through this country. if he HAD to be there to make the purchases, he still has to follow the rules and wear the mask properly. no exceptions. if he can't wear a mask properly AND he has to make the purchases, he can order what he needs online.


or if he can't order what he needs online he can call and order what he needs or he can tell someone else what he needs and they can do it for him and then he can pay. there are any number of scenarios that can be done if the guy refuses to wear a mask. this state actually has quite a robust disability rights organization that will help individuals and depending on his disability there are other organizations that will help (like for example the ALS Association of Oregon is able to help people like me and they will work to do everything they can do to find help for you if they can't do it themselves).


@4 You care, you commented twice.